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No Excuse A29

No Excuse A29

Typical Cow and Calf

Typical Cow and Calf

About Heatherington Park Poll Hereford Cattle Stud

Established in 1991,in North Eastern Victoria, combined with a commercial operation. Foundation females were  purchased from Studbrook, Wolbull, Margfred Park and Polaris, with further females from Kenya, Omeo, BRT, Wiranya, Debarry, Studbrook and Burando dispersals.
We moved to our current location during 2002 to concentrate on the Stud operations, running 55 autumn calving stud breeders.We have been a member of Herefords Australia ( previously the Australian Poll Hereford Society ) since 1991 and we are a member of Group Breedplan and are MN1.

At the end of January/early February each year,we participate in the Victorian BeefWeek open day when a selection of our livestock is on display.We feature our Sale Bulls along with a sample of our breeding females,yearling bulls and heifers and recently weaned calves.This provides the opportunity for Clients to purchase their new sire on the day, gain an insight into our Breeding Program and to discuss matters of mutual interest.

Past sires used include Doonbiddie Hit-Up R19 (by WTK Bond 75A), Heatherington Blueprint 21 (by BRT Blueprint N1 - APHS sire of the year) and the extremely consistent Burando Monotone V.04 ( grandson of the great Bowen Kildonan K208 ). Monotone V04 sired Bahloo V.4 Legend D.16 , who was the Senior and Reserve Grand Champion at Wodonga 2010, and Bahloo V.4 Banker D.27 who won his class at Wodonga and was Reserve Senior Champion at Canberra in 2010. Monotone's three sons averaged $6,500 at Wodonga in 2010. We have retained many Monotone daughters, and granddaughters. Monotone SEMEN IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

In 2006 we undertook an extensive A.I. program using selected sires including Nooken Xcalibur X.744 (by JSF 23 Nibbs ) he weighed 1125 kgs at Dubbo at 25mths and carcase sire Mt.Difficult Fellis Y.12 ( EMA EBV of +9.7 ).

In 2007 we purchased stud sire  Markowen No Excuse A.29 by Markowen Executive (a Naracoorte Grand Champion). His dam was Reserve Senior Champion in Adelaide with No Excuse at foot.His full sister is the dam of Naracoorte Grand Champion Markowen Intruder Z.33 who sold to Allendale and Yalgoo studs. Z33 sired the 2008 Adelaide Grand Champion and Supreme Exhibit and the dams of Days Columbus G.20 ( 2013 Wodonga $13,000 ), Allendale Catbird G.143 ( 2013 Dubbo $7,500 ) and Yalgoo Ridge G.080 ( 2013 Sydney Junior Champion ). No Excuse A.29 is in the top 1% of Breedplan for Intra-muscular Fat ( IMF/Marbling ) and top 10% for all Market Selection Index Values. We have retained many excellent daughters. SEMEN  IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE

Our AI program in 2008 again included Mt.Difficult Fellis Y.12 along with Yalgoo Boulder Z.250 ( $30,000 Dubbo Junior Champion  ) and Rilo Park Kingair ( Reserve Senior Chanpion in Sydney and sold at Dubbo for $26,000). Boulder Z.250 sired the 2011 Dubbo Junior Champion and his maternal brother sired another class winner. At the Dubbo National in 2012, a son had the third highest EMA scan in the catalogue and sold for $13,000 whilst in 2013, another son sired the dam of Minlacowie Griffin G13 ( $25,000 ) and a maternal brother sired two class winners, including Reserve Intermediate Champion, and averaged $12,500. At Dubbo 2015, a Z.250 son won his class and sold for $35,000. Two grandsons averaged $12,500 at Dubbo 2017. At Mawarra Stud, Z.250's four sons sold to $12,000 and averaged $8,500. Our two 2015 drop Boulder Z.250 sons averaged 410 kgs when weaned in January 2016 and over 800 kgs on 16th November,2016 as 18 month-olds .  A Kingair son, out of a Monotone V.04 daughter, sired the 2011 $23,000 Dubbo Intermediate Champion.

Our AI program for 2010 again included Boulder Z.250 and Xcalibur X.744.

At Wodonga 2010, we purchased Valma Oakley D.38 who came second in his class to Bahloo V4 Banker D.27 who was Reserve Senior Champion at Canberra 2010. A maternal brother sold for $20,000 at Wodonga 2014. His mother is by Valma Goldrush V.103 ( sire of Valma Lincoln A.27- purchased by Heatherdale ) and his grandmother is the dam of Valma Magnum, sire of Valma Odyssey D.50 who sold for $22,000 at the 2010 Dubbo National to the Tycolah P.H.S. Odyssey sired the dam of the $20,000 2017 Dubbo Junior & Grand Champion. Oakley's sons showed the length, muscule and the overall quality of their sire and his daughters are breeding very well. Two of his sons averaged 428 kgs at weaning.

At the 2010 Dubbo National,we purchased Allendale Robin Hood D.194 in partnership with the Ke Warra stud. SEMEN AVAILABLE FOR SALE. He is out of the great Fancy U.5 cow who has produced all the Robin Hood bulls, including a $30,000 Dubbo Senior Champion. A grandson sold for $22,000 at Dubbo in 2010. At that time, the other three Robin Hood bulls had averaged $14,000 and included two Dubbo bulls. Robin Hood D194's sire, Allendale Superstar B.28, sold at Dubbo in 2008 and is by the great Allendale National W.168 ( $85,000 APHS sire of the year ) out of Allendale Musketeer's ( $58,000 APHS sire of the year ) full sister. A son of B.28 was Senior & Reserve Grand Champion at Wodonga 2014, whilst two grandsons averaged $12,000 at Dubbo 2013 and an ET brother sired the dam of a $17,000 class-winner. A further three B.28 grandsons, including a class winner, averaged $12,500 at Dubbo 2015. B.28's ET sister, Dawn B.22 is the dam of the Anzac bulls. In 2014, her sons were equal top price ( $15,000 ) and third top price ( $10,000 ) at the Allendale on-property sale, whilst another son, Anzac E.114, sired the top price bull ( $45,000 ) at the Injemira sale ( 19 sons averaged $10,350 ) and the top priced bull at Centennial. At Dubbo 2015, an E.114 son sold for $20,000. D.194's paternal brother won his class at Dubbo in 2011 and sold for $22,000 and another paternal brother sired the equal top priced bull ( $15,000 ) at Allendale's on-property sale in 2014. A maternal brother, Robin Hood Y.169, sired the Reserve Senior Champion ( $18,000 ) at Dubbo 2012, a grandson sold for $25,000 at Dubbo 2013 and a grandson, Minlagowie Jubilant J.123, was the $95,000 Grand Champion at Dubbo and both Grand, and interbreed, Champ in Sydney 2016. The dam of the 2013 Dubbo Grand Champion, Days Calibre G.74 ( record price of $90,000 ), is by another maternal brother Allendale Robin Hood Z.239. Days Robin Hood H.38 ( another maternal brother by Allendale Waterhouse D.1 ), was 2013 Junior and Grand Champion, at both Melbourne feature show and Adelaide show and a son was the $40,000 Grand Champion at Dubbo 2016. Another son was the $65,000 top priced Reserve Senior Champion at Dubbo 2017.  A Robin Hood D.194 son sold for $10,000 at Dubbo 2012. His excellent bull calves, weaned in early January each of the last three years, averaged over 400 kgs, to a top of 448 kgs ( the heaviest calf every weaned at Heatherington Park) and they show many of their Sire's qualities. His 2014 drop, rising two-year old, sons averaged 820 kgs on 9th January, 2016 and his 2015 drop 18 month-old sons averaged 789 kgs on 16th November, 2016 . We have retained many of his daughters.

In May, 2014, we purchased new Stud sire, Days Brigadier G.101, in partnership with Ke-Warra Stud. SEMEN AVAILABLE FOR SALE. Brigadier G.101 ( by the renowned Allendale Waterhouse D.1 ) was the 2013 Dubbo Reserve Senior Champion, to another Waterhouse D.1 son, Days Calibre G.74 ( $90,000 ) and sold for $40,000. At Dubbo 2016, a Calibre G.74 son sold for $32,000 and another for $24,000 whilst a Waterhouse D.1 son, out of Dawn B.22, sold for $40,000 and another was the Reserve Intermediate Champ and sold for $45,000.  At Dubbo 2015, three other Waterhouse D.1 sons, including two class winners and second highest price, averaged $36,333 whilst three grandsons averaged $15,333. A Brigadier G.101 son won his class and sold for $44,000, D.1 sired the $31,000 Reserve Junior Champ, out of a Dawn B.22 granddaughter, and another son sold for $22,000 at Wodonga 2016. G.101 was used by us as a back-up bull, in 2014, so we only have a few first calves. His only " L " son weighed 437 kgs, when weaned on 9th January,2016, and 846 kgs on 16th November, 2016 as an 18 month-old and  sold for $7,500. His 2016 drop bull calves averaged 454 kgs at weaning, 9th January,2017, with two over 490kgs and  his heifers averaged 400 kgs, with two over 440 kgs.

We commend our cattle to you and welcome visitors any time.

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