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ImageNameAnimal IdDOBSirePrice +GST
Heatherington D194 Robin Hood K04. Weighed 846kgs on 9-1-16 SOLD

PRGK04 14th March, 2014AEDD194 $5500.00
Heatherington Z.250 Boulder L.09 Weighed 842kgs on 16-11-16. SOLD

PRGL09 19th March,2015SODZ250 $6000.00
Heatherington Z.250 Boulder L.22 Weighed 760kgs on 16-11-16

PRGL22 26th March,2015SODZ250 $6000.00
Heatherington D.194 Robin Hood L.30 Weighed 784kgs on 16-11-16 SOLD

PRGL30 30th March,2015AEDD194 $6500.00
Heatherington D.194 Robin Hood L.32 Weighed 798kgs on 16-11-16 SOLD

PRGL32 1st April,2015AEDD194 $6750.00
Heatherington G.101 Brigadier L.40 Weighed 846kgs on 16-11-16. SOLD

PRGL40 7th April,2015DAYG101 $7500.00
Heatherington D.194 Robin Hood L.47 Weighed 792kgs on 16-11-16. SOLD

PRGL47 20th April,2015AEDD194 $6250.00
Heatherington D.194 Robin Hood L.48 Weighed 780kgs on 16-11-16

PRGL48 27th April,2015AEDD194 $6250.00
Heatherington G.101 Brigadier M.024

PRGM024 3rd April, 2016DAYG101 N/A

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